Object 020-A

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"Xombjür fruit"

Item #: Obj. 020-A Level 1/
Object Class: Selvium Secret


Obj. 020-A the "Xombjür fruit"


Obj. 020-A also known as the Xombjür fruit is the designation given to an extraterrestrial fruit with anomalous properties harvested from the Xombjür tree. It was discovered by the TR GOR-B the "Botanists" during a research expedition on planet "Zeszh colouprus 68x-CB".

The Xombjür fruit itself is a pome (fleshy) fruit, in which the ripened ovary and surrounding tissue both become fleshy and edible. When harvested, these fruits are usually roundish, 15–20 cm in diameter, with some shade of purple, pink, or red in colour; they vary in size, shape, and nutrition depending on the variety, of which there are hundreds.


Xombjür fruit varieties fall into three broad classes on the basis of their anomalous properties:

1.Xombjür stictuts (accelerated healing)

2.Xombjür xennly (Poison)

3.Xombjür carpele (No effects)

After consuming the Xombjür stictuts fruit, the consumer will temporarily develop their healing/regenerating processes by accelerating their platelet's functioning speed, this process is defined as accelerated healing or enhanced regenerating factor.

Accelerated healing is the ability to heal oneself at a rate higher than the average living being. Though the body is capable of healing itself, accelerated healing allows healing at a much faster rate, and in many cases allows the possessor of such ability to heal wounds that wouldn't completely heal or could even be fatal.

However, the fruit's anomalous effect lasts for 3-4 hours after consumption, no side effects have been recorded.

The Xombjür xennly fruit is very toxic. A single bite of the fruit can lead to death, and touching the bark, sap or leaves of this tree results in painful blisters.

The seeds contain highly poisonous toxtlic crucius, and as few as three untreated seeds can be fatal. Eating this fruit can cause liver and kidney damage, and possibly death.
Tests shows that roasting the fruit's seee reduces the toxicity of the fruit

The Xombjür carpele is the non-anomalous variant of the Xombjür fruit. Consuming this fruit will have no abnormal effects on the consumer and is proven safe for consumption. This variant is highly nutritious containing high amounts of protein, fibres and necessary vitamins and minerals.

For storage, temperatures only slightly above the freezing point of the fruit are generally desirable. These fruits may also be stored in inert gases or in controlled atmospheres.

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