File 1: CC-07 (Dr. Kitsuni), Head of the Crimson Council and Captain of The Foxen's Brigade.

Age: 4102 Human Years
Height: 4'6 feet
Gender: Varies between forms; Current preferred form, Male Female.
Cybernetics: Yes
Race: Crimson main race, Thorian secondary race, Elder Foxen subrace
Body type: Mytoid, general white beast form
Magic use: Yes, mostly wand spells and magic circles.
AI's: [Kitsuni], [MYA], [Defence system, JAX]

Extra details: CC-07, also known to most as Dr. Kitsuni, is a being who comes from the Planet Earth of the Milky Way galaxy, X42. She possesses many cybernetic upgrades, mostly centering around the left side of his head, base of her neck, and right arm. It is known that she has multiple AI voices in her head, with one she calls "Kitsuni" being dominant. In the back of her neck, surrounded by cybernetic upgrades, is what is known as a soul gem, containing a level K class beast's soul inside. It is said that the beast was once an Inn Keeper named Reori Hollis. Not much is known about this being, except they were the Timescapian queen for 1 month. CC-07 is also the current Timescapian ruler but refuses to ever use the castle, sitting in her facility as much as possible. Also, although Kitsuni typically appears female, they can change, being what they need, changing forms at will.
Dr. Kitsuni also suffers from multiple behavioral and mental problems, those being:

  • DID
  • Unwillingly commits acts of Cannibalism, due to her past body, Reori (See _empty.fillinlater_)
  • Depression
  • PTSD for multiple reasons

And due to to a order from higher command, I can not continue this list.
Common names: Dr. Kitsuni, Kitsuni, Siete, Mr. Hollins
Common Nicknames: Kit, Kitsy, Kitsu, Kitten, The ghost, and Spaceman.

-Part of the 7th realm canon

All members of the Foxen's Brigade, made in english for the enjoyment of the Human race.


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