The Tale of Two Foundations

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Captain Aurora drew her Desert Eagle pistol, firing multiple times in front of her until her clip had emptied. She then continued running down the hallway, ignoring the two people she had brutally murdered. She knew others had heard her gunshots, but that didn't matter now, she had to flee. Not even Golden can stop her now. She has to escape this facility, to return home to SD 36…

She didn't make it. She had been caught by two guards. One disadvantage she had is she can't see certain things like most people. The Foundation had learned this not long ago, learning anything clear, like tape, could not be detected by her. It shouldn't be too hard to contain her, right? Right. But keeping her in was much harder. Aurora was a crafty little fox, and her 4'6 size helped a lot, but that one disadvantage fucks her up so much!

Now she is stuck…..but she has an idea, one that will keep her good for a long while…

Dr. Golden walked down the halls of Site 18, watching the wall pattern as he walks by it. He searches for someone, someone who he had asked earlier to print some documents. He walks up to Researcher John's Office, knocking on his door.

"Come in!"

Dr. Golden walks into the office, seeing John among the mess of his desk.

"You got those documents I asked you to print, Mr. John?"

John falls out of his chair as he searches his desk and cabinets

"Well sir, I thought I had them! Maybe check the printer in the corner over there? There looks to be some paper on it still."
"Ah, good."

Golden walks over to the printer to find what he needed had just been printed fresh.

"I see you just got these out."
"Well, sir I do have other duties, sorry for taking so long."
"It's alright Mr. John."

Golden picks up his papers and walks back over to John's desk.

"Say, Mr. John, isn't it quite strange how your blue eyes have almost a glow to them? I swear if I wanted to I could see them in the dark."
"Well sir, not to offend but your head is that of a moth. I don't think my eyes being bright blue is the most strange thing in here."
"Ah, well that is true…"

John takes out a desert eagle with custom blue camo paint across its body and takes out a cloth as Golden jumps at the sight of the gun. He sets it down to prepare a cleaning chemical.

"Hey wait…isn't that the gun from….a anomaly had the same gun during that breach from three months ago…"

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