Prisoner 11

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Clearance Level 3: Clearance
Containment Class: Heavy
Secondary Class: class_here
Disruption Class: #/Loud
Risk Class: #/Low

Initial Discovery:

Foreword: [Upon arriving, the officers on duty found the prisoner in question "teaching" a crowd of 179 assorted peoples the key aspects of how to hack into the Thorian Government computer system.]

Prisoner Interview:

Interviewed: [P-11]
Interviewer: [Captain K.]
Foreword: [Log for questioning of _Incident-11-01_]

<Begin Log, Total 13:10 AM>

Captain K.: So, let's start with what you were doing at that little "gathering" of yours, shall we?

P-11: Please, don't.

Captain K.: Don't what?

P-11: Don't ask questions, I don't want it to happen. Not again. Please.

Captain K.: Don't want what to happen again?

P-11: I'm done teaching. I don't want to. Not again.

Captain K.: Well why don't you —
P-11 looks extremely distressed and attempts to stop Captain K. before they finish their sentence.
Captain K.: — "teach" me what you were doing on the morning in question?
P-11 goes limp and then looks up again with a smile and glowing green eyes.
P-11: Petitioner, your request has been accepted. I was simply answering the requests of the petitioners.
Captain K.: While its mildly troubling to think that an entire crowd of people wanted to hack into the government database, I want to know more about what you are?
P-11: I am an [Oracle]. Or a teacher one would say. I teach those who seek knowledge. For knowledge is power!
Captain K.: Well, some knowledge is forbidden. At least, to those who would want to use it for evil.
P-11: Are you suggesting knowledge is evil? N-
P-11 has their mouth hanging open. Their eyes display annoyance.
Captain K.: Is knowledge evil?
P-11: -o. That simply cannot be. Knowledge is a tool. Much like a knife. The knowledge you were referencing,"how to hack the Thorian Government" can be used for good.
Captain K.: How can that be used for good?
P-11: Good question! A simple answer would be if the government chose to use its power for evil. Another, if a citizen has a very pressing need that needs to be solved. Like, better healthcare… or something. Of course you probably knew that. So, I will skip tha-
[ 2 hours Omitted for brevity]
Captain K.: Ok. This interview is over, I cannot mentally handle you continuing to speak.
P-11: Because you cannot handle the facts?
Captain K.: No. Because you have managed to make a simple answer to a question 2 HOURS LONG!
<End Log, Total 2 hours: 33 minutes AM>

Closing Statement: [This is an intriguing specimen. Further testing should be taken to determine its capabilities. We could maybe use this man to help us in the event of a terrible disaster or such. However, it has been determined that if we were to do so then we would need initial knowledge up to "lesson 1-100", or the fundamentals and basic knowledge, of the event.]

Details of P-11:

P-101 is capable of teaching anyone who asks them to teach whatever they want them to teach, but only the "lesson 101" of it. As in, all basics and fundamentals are not taught as apparently P-101-B just believes that everyone knows these things.

Containment Procedures

No personnel are to ask P-11 any questions without approval. Further testing of this prisoner's abilities is pending. In the case that someone does ask P-11 a question and P-11-B is… summoned, they are to be monitored and, when P-11-B finishes its teaching, they are to be terminated with approval of Captain Kitsuni. This all depends on the question asked.

In the event of an escape

Since it has shown a great knowledge of the prison's inner workings, it is to be monitored at all times. If P-11 attempts to escape then it should be subdued with any non-lethal method available. While P-11-B is active personnel are to distract it with any minor question/demand they can think of (i.e. Tell me what air is breathable for thorians, why is the sky that color? etc.).

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