Portable Planet

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"Portable Planet"

Item #: Obj. 011-A Level 4/
Object Class: Invictus Confidential


Obj. 011-A the "Portable planet"


Obj. 011-A also known as the "Portable planet" is the designation given to a sphere composed of gases and rocks. The sphere appears to be, in most respects, a miniature celestial body, approximately 68.5 cm in diameter and weighing 3.054 x 10⁷ kg, although continental alignment is not consistent with that of any alignment known to T.R. researchers, the sphere seems to have its own atmosphere and gravitational pull. The sphere's radioactive atmosphere and rapidly changing weather patterns makes it incapable for sustaining life.

Reports show that 90% of the object's mass is centred at it's core which is composed of solid Ergonium and hydrogen which are also assumed to be responsible for the sphere's radioactive atmosphere.

Obj. 011-A was discovered during research expedition: 36-CE-24/48/53.


During tests the planet's core was observed dissipating some of it's energy in the form of fumes and radiations. These fumes are released twice every 24 hours.

The element present in the planet's core i.e Ergonium, is one of the most precious and rarest resources in the universe as it can be used to produce massive amount of energy which can easily produce sufficient energy to power entire galaxies for centuries.

1g of Ergonium can produce approximately 12 x 10⁹⁷ joules of energy.

Ergonium deposits are mostly found inside rotating black holes and thus, are almost impossible to extract. TR researchers are planning to develop suitable technology to successfully extract the Ergonium from the planet's core.

Ergonium extraction must be carried out with caution as any minor fluctuations or errors in the process can trigger catastrophic events.

All information regarding the methods of Ergonium extraction and other research files are strictly restricted to level-5 clearence only.

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