Object 345-A

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"Gallery of the 13"

Item #: Obj. 345-A Level 7/7777
Object Class: Room, multiple anomalies Classified


7th member of the Crimson 13


The gallery of the 13 is a collection of 13 paintings depicting the Crimson Council, a group that has very little known about them, with an interesting style of architecture; shiny white marble floors in addition to deeply detailed wooden walls with many carvings depicting seas, fields of grass, and other small details, with excellently designed pillars of dark stone with many of their own carvings, adding to the room's design. Besides its design, the hall is believed to sit in a pocket dimension of sorts, considering how when entering its gateway there are signs of portal tear. However, it's not as noticeable as when using normal Thorian gateways, meaning the gallery could use a more advanced gateway than we have discovered. Further study of the gateway will be conducted later this month,

Besides the gateway, the gallery itself isn't very anomalous. However, one of its paintings, labeled 07, can be entered, leading to its own pocket dimension. Inside this dimension is a 36 x 36 x 38 cultbit (108 x 108 x 114 meters) room. Inside sits a table made of highly refined mahogany, three chairs of oak, a leather couch, and a marble countertop with a microwave, coffee maker, filers, and a jar of sugar. It is not yet understood what the room is for, or why it exists, but currently, this is the only room besides the hall that is part of this "Dimension".
Further study of the gallery will begin next month.


Exploration Log Transcript

Date: 15th day of Bloom, year 4103

Exploration Team: TRF, 2 GOR-A "Geologists" Personnel

Subject: Discovery of Object 345-A

Team Lead: Dr. Pancakes


Dr. Pancakes: So…. you found a gallery of people in a cave near the base?

Geologist 1: Yes ma'am. We had some outside help of course but we ended up finding the top of a door, dug it up, and opened it.

Dr. Pancakes: Alright, let's go inside then.

Dr. Pancakes along with 2 geologists climb down a small ladder into the pit and enter the gallery

Dr. Pancakes: Well, you aren't kidding. It's actually really pretty in here.

Geologist 2: I know right? I could stare at this for weeks.

Geologist 1: But we also discovered something, doc.

Geologist 1 walks over to a painting labeled 07

Geologist 1: Take a look at this here.

Dr. Pancakes: That's…… sister…

Geologist 1: Yes, it is the empress, Dr. K., But look here.

As the camera moves to Geologist 1, they take out a coin and flip it into the painting, coin disappears.

Dr. Pancakes: No way… we need to get a team into here to study further…. and don't tell Dr. K yet.

Geologist 1: Yes'm

After further study was done, the hall was locked up again until the next month, the month of harvest, so more testing could be done. Dr. K still hasn't been alerted of the hall.

Incident 01-1:

As of the 9th day of the Month of Harvest, Object 345-A is to be reclassified as an object of high importance and should be kept under heavy surveillance. When the hall was reopened for testing, the room was found to be almost completely destroyed, leaving only a painting labeled "01". The carvings on the pillars are intact, but the wooden walls have been clawed and cut, leaving only bits of story left on the walls.

According to evidence, a sign of a break-in happened just a little over a week ago. Other than that, not enough evidence can be found to identify a culprit, and what has been found has only made the case more difficult. It is still of utmost importance to keep the hall hidden from Dr. K and the FD.

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