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Item #: Obj. 008-A Level 3/
Object Class: Prime Confidential


Historic painting of TREV-E01 painted by [REDACTED]


TREV-E01 is an interplanetary spacecraft designed for unprecedented Intergalactic expeditions across the universe. TREV-E65 stands for Thorian Reach Exploration Vehicle version E01, it consists of 20 habitable cube shaped modules with docking ports at the central hub. The ship spins 5.6 times per minute to create artificial gravity inside. If a habitable exoplanet is found, TREV-E01 could be disassembled and its component modules can be used to build a base on the exoplanet's surface. The ship carries four auxiliary crafts and single-stage vehicles for reconnaissance and planet landings. The Landers are used for heavy-lift cargo drops to planet surfaces. It travels with an average speed of 20km/sec or 72000km/hr.

It was designed to be self-sufficient for several centuries, enabling it to prolong crew life for a protracted mission period. TREV-E01 is used by the T.R. for their intergalactic research missions and is one of the first spaceships developed after the inception of T.R.


Since its launch, TREV-E01 has been wandering across the universe in search of new worlds and a deeper understanding of how the universe works.

TREV-E01 remains one of the best spacecrafts in the world despite its age and only modest size.

TREV-E01 crew's significant discoveries:


Planet TR 3008976 e

TREV-E01 crew has successfully landed and set up 6 bases on planet TR 3008976 e.
Which includes 2 military outposts and 4 research laboratories. TR will start transporting civilians after the scheduled tests are successful.

TR 3008976 e, formally named Firtues, is an extrasolar planet approximately 970 light-years from the Sun in the constellation of Iltuisi.


Planet TR 100X458 b

TREV-E01 crew has also discovered a new bioluminescent planet namely "TR 100X458 b" which the TR is planning to colonize in the upcoming years.

TR 100X458 b, formally named Siltusn, is an extrasolar planet approximately 2000 light-years from the Sun in the constellation of Herlin.

NOTICE: Other interplanetary discoveries are strictly classified to level 4 clearence only.

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