Object 005-A

"Digital Memories"

Item #: Obj. 005 Level 3/Classified
Object Class: Selvium (Safe) Classified


Object 005-A is a small, metallic, spherical device of unknown origin that can be utilized to generate a near-exact replica of a connected mind's memories. Object 005-B is an object resembling a common wireless cord with a syringe attached at the end in place of a plug. Object 005-B is connected with Object 005-A, and an exact replica of a living being's memories can be copied onto Object 005-A by sticking a syringe into the area of said living being's body that contains its memory storage.

Object-005-A is to be secured within a small drawer of a used desk at a garbage dump on TR grounds, as to keep its location hidden. Workers are to be given strict orders to not dispose of said used desk.

Object-005-A has formerly been used by the TR to extract information from prisoners without having to resort to standard interrogation processes. However, after ethical concerns from high-ranking members of the TR involving potential mental side effects on those injected by Object-005-B, the object's usage was discontinued.

Object-005-A is currently located in Waste Dump No. ████ on Planet ██-███-██. It is protected by multiple armed guards disguised as Dump Security Personnel. It can be considered secure until further notice.


Exploration Log Transcript

Date: 77th Day of Bloom

Exploration Team: GOR-A "Geologists"
- GOR Agent "Geo-1"
- GOR Agent "Geo-2"

Subject: Unknown Local Mineral

Team Lead: Dr. Pancakes


Pancakes: Hey, Dr. Pancakes here. Reporting from Planet █████, newly discovered. We're currently collecting a sample of an unidentified mineral discovered underground in large quantities.

Geo-1: Easy does it…

Geo-1 begins to carefully chisel away at the mineral, cutting out a small piece. Suddenly, a clang can be heard from Geo-1's general direction.

Geo-1: What the…?

Pancakes: What are you seeing, Geo-1? What made that noise?

Geo-2: Holy crap…I think there's something in there…

Pancakes: Dig it out, then!

Geo-1 chisels away around the metal object, eventually extracting it. The object is Object 005-A, connected to Object 005-B. A sticky note is stuck on the side of Object 005-A.

Geo-2: "I pray that this has fallen into good hands…", what even is this thing? I've never seen anything like it.

Pancakes: Let's get it back to a base. We can learn more about it from there.


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