Object 003

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"The Nowhere Circle"

Item #: Obj. 003-A Level 7/003
Object Class: Classified


The Circle to Nowhere is exactly as named. It is a circle leading to a place that all navigational and positioning systems call nowhere. The Circle itself is a white circle 40 culbits in diameter. Upon "entering" the circle a subject is presented with a white space devoid of all matter and life. Currently, it has been found that inserting matter into it can affect it as all normal physical and chemical processes still occur within the space. However, there is no gravity, progression of time, ground, or any other traits that a normal reality or dimensional space usually displays.


Exploration Log Transcript

Date: 90th day of Sun, year: 4105

Exploration Team: TRF, GOR-X "Frontiersmen"

Subject: Investigation of Object 003-A1

Team Lead: Dr. Geronimo


Dr. Geronimo: So, this is the "blip" detected by our SDA systems?

Frontiersman H: Yep, thing looks like a hole to nothing.

The ship slowly moves forward towards the object. But upon closer investigation the ship will not fit in the Object.

Dr. Geronimo: Huh, well send a drone in first. I don't want to risk an actual pilot's life if whatever this is turns out to be deadly.

The feed swaps to that of a small exploration drone equipped for space travel. The feed shows the drone entering the circle. A blank white screen is then shown.

Frontiersman H: What the hell? Why is it blank?

Dr.Geronimo: I think I know. It's blank because there isn't anything to show. Come with me.

Frontiersman H and Dr. Geronimo go to the hangar and deploy out in a small scouting craft and enter the hole. The hole appears to turn towards them.

Dr.Geronimo: See, it literally is a hole to nothing. A Circle To Nowhere, if you will.

The craft then enters the hole. Upon them entering the Object, the feed shows streaks of off-white colors radiating off of the ship. The Environmental Detection systems stop displaying NaN as their values and begin displaying varying statistics.

Frontiersman H: Should this be happening?

Dr. Geronimo: This is a space with no matter within it. Us entering it introduced matter into this area and allowed chemical processes like the spread of heat, electricity, and the natural property of matter in a vacuum to attempt to fill that vacuum.

Frontiersman H: So, our ship would also attempt to fill this space, yes?

Dr.Geronimo calmly turns the craft around after hearing a groan coming from the ship. More groans sound. Dr. Geronimo then begins to divert full power to the engines and defense systems. More groans are sounding. An audible crackling sound resembling the tearing of metal is heard. The craft manages to exit. the feed cuts to the ship's rear camera, which was torn off the craft. There are multiple pieces of the ship floating around. They are not actually moving in any direction.

We could terraform this place in a way that we could only imagine before. We can make a perfect paradise with an entrance that we could very easily control. Nothing could enter anywhere else. We could just put some matter in there, maybe wait a few seasons and then BAM! We have ourselves a new planet with whatever we want in it. We could make a perfect place for everyone. We need to tell the CC about this!

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