File 6: Marcus, Engineering

Age: 406 standard years
Height: 4' 8"
Gender: Male
Cybernetics: Yes, one additional manipulator with integral diagnostics tools, and an anti-pulse device (to counteract the natural tremors inherent in any creature with a pulse) for increased fine motor abilities
Race: Thorian main race, felid subrace
Body type: Sturdy.
Magic use: Some minor cantrips (Orb of Light, Word of Ease, Reversion,) used sparingly
AI's: Not true AI's, but does have multiple automaton assistants [Thrash, Swing, House, Salsa, Klez]
Extra details: Marcus is a small, stocky, impatient, short-tempered, conflict-averse felid mechanical engineer that nonetheless keeps Foxen's Brigade's machinery and electronics in working order and their various "projects" counteracted. To Marcus, people are an interesting technical challenge, to be dealt with as efficiently as possible, preferably from afar. He's rarely seen during the day, preferring to work alone except for his "team" of self-made automatons. The most some of his teammates have seen of him is a short message taped to a monitor or a new device that's making their jobs easier.

However, Marcus has proven regularly that, conflict-averse as he is, he is just as much a member of Foxen's Brigade as any other. His sidearm has been the resolution to as many technical challenges as his inventions. If pushed, Marcus will readily demonstrate that Foxen's Brigade is his family and will be protected as such, though from more of a distance than some.
-Part of the 7th realm canon

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