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Welcome to my author page. I put stuff I created here and maybe some random stuff too.

About me:
I am ChocolateChara, or Chocolate, or Chara, or whatever. I am male and go by he/him pronouns. To get this out of the way, some people may read my Sarian race and ask: Is this person a furry? The answer is yes, yes I am. I am also part of the Undertale and SCP fandoms. I play a lot of games but mostly FPS games (Undertale being an exception). I like programming but I only know HTML, CSS, and a very small amount of Javascript. I am currently learning Lua. I am contactable via wikidot PMs or by SkipIRC. I am more active on weekends than weekdays.

Stuff I have created so far:


Sarian Race

Race Name: Sarians (Name made by DrKitsuni)

Connection to the Thorians: Friendly. Sarians visit regularly to shop or take shelter. Officials have sent alliance requests that were accepted. The Sarians are willing to fight by the TRFs side.

Abilities of race: Resistant to cold temperatures, slightly more sensitive to heat. Typical life-span is 150 years.

Governmental System of race: The Sarians follow social classes. The highest rank is known as "Alpha", then goes down in the following order: "Beta", "Regular", and "Omega". Alphas are typically the leaders, with Omegas being the lowest rank.

World of origin of race: Originated in Saria. Main population lives in Saria, but they can be found in many other habitable planets.

Relations to Humanity/Earth: Neutral. No communications have been logged between the two races. The only thing linking the two is their similarities to Canis Lupus (Gray Wolf).

Intelligence of race: Average

Extra Details: Most very closely resemble the earth animal known as Canis Lupus, or the Gray Wolf. Some resemble other members of the Canis family instead.

Discovery of Race: Discovered whilst the TRF was looking at possible planets for habitation.

-Part of the 7th Realm canon

Galaxia Race

Race Name: Galaxians

Connection to the Thorians: Neutral, communications have had no response.

Abilities of race: Powerful reality warpers. Immune to all forms of conventional weaponry. Very intelligent. Presumed to have existed since the creation of the universe. Typical lifespan is unknown, but is assumed to be many billions of years.

Governmental System of race: Follow a leader known as "Galaxi", other members seem to all be equal to each other.

World of origin of race: No known origin of race, Galaxians are seen wandering blank void spaces, or very dark areas.

Relations to Humanity/Earth: Neutral. No communications have been logged between the two races.

Intelligence of race: Highly Intelligent

Extra Details: Presumed to have existed since the beginning of the universe. They are friendly towards almost all life-forms, but act as protectors, swiftly shutting down malicious attacks by extradimensional beings capable of destroying planets or galaxies in seconds. They do not appear to intervene with any wars between races or planets however.

Discovery of Race: Discovered upon reports of figures appearing in dark places, the TRF investigated further.

-Part of the 7th Realm canon

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