Celexius Plates

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"Celexius Plates"

Item #: Obj. 010-A Level 2/
Object Class: Selvium Classified


First image of the Celexius plates taken at [REDACTED].


Celexius Plates are a corpus of post-3rd century historical texts engraved on materials such as stone and metal ware found in a wide range of mainland Southeast [REDACTED] on planet "XD-89e03 Ad" and relating to the ancient Thorian civilization.

According to Thorian Reach epigraphists more than a hundred Celexius inscriptions of varying length have been collected.

The information inscripted on the stone plates couldn't yet be deciphered, but it is assumed to be attested to the existence of ancient thorian literature - scientific, historical and especially technological texts.The Celexius epigraphy has also preserved some significant evidences which directly mention ancient but advanced medical science.

Beyond their archeological significance, Celexius inscriptions have become a marker of national identity.


Exploration Log Transcript

Date: 18th day of sun, year: 2536

Exploration Team: Thorian Reach Department of Archeology

Subject: Discovery of Obj. 010-A

Team Lead: Agent Simone

The following object was discovered on planet XD-89e03 Ad also known as "Celexia" during an interplanetary research expedition.

Agent Simone: All archeologists report at 27°38′N 13°02′E Celexian coordinates now, we have found some stone plates with inscriptions on it.

(All archeologists): Yes sir.

All archeological teams reach the discovery site and report to Agent Simone.

Agent Simone: Alright everyone!!! Prepare your equipments, we're going to dig up this place for more inscriptions.

Archeologist-1: Well, what are these??

Archeologist-2: I'm not sure…, Looks like inscriptions from an ancient civilization.

Archeologist-1: On a planet like this?? This planet showed zero life signals, how can there be inscripted plates buried under this planet's surface??

Agent Simone: That's the most intriguing part.

After hours of digging the team was able to collect 24 more inscripted plates. Upon further inspection, the team was able to recognise a few symbols.

Archeologist-1: Agent Simone, I think I know some of these symbols, I've seen them somewhere.

Agent Simone: Really?? Where??

Archeologist-1: I don't exactly remember but I'm sure it was in a book.

Agent Simone: Well then, we'll need to wrap this up and take these plates back to the base.

(All archeologists): Yes sir.


All known methods of deciphering the inscriptions have been unsuccessful, further research has been postponed to [REDACTED]

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