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We Fight the Darkness so that our home may live on.


Story Status
1. Era 12: File 0-2, Sanity Unfinished.
2. Is it O5 Council or Crimson Council? Finished!
3. The End...? Complete
4. Life. Finished!
5. Gay and Wholesome! Finished!
6. Random Blurbs and Shorts Finished!

Biolabs Projects

Link Status
1. Biolabs Project Soul Alpha 6 Finished!


Link Status
1. Prisoner 138 !!!WARNING: POWER OF VOICE!!! Finished!
2. Prisoner 001 "The Innkeeper" Finished!


Link Status
1. Object 395-A Finished!
2. Object 345-A Finished!

New Message:

Hey, Doctor Aurora is on the Move again
- J


Notes: Day 245

We need to advance on the VDC and the Crimson Council soon. Our resources here at the Inn are being wasted on nothing, and if we stay much longer we may have nothing left. Im deciding weather or not Aurora is really worth it.

Notes: Day 379

We finally got a new shipment of supplies for the Inn. The advance on VDC really put us out of fucking shape but nonetheless, we are still good in our sky fort. This Inn however is Slowy breaking, and I swear the ground we sit on is crumbling. Our runes are fading…we may not be up here much longer…

Notes: Days 543

J says the runes have been replaced, and more land has been added. My gardens are still safe :). Im so glad, I've spent years on those…I'm not ready to lose my roses…



"Because you refuse….doctor…"

"That's right…I refuse to let you do what you want Innkeeper."
"If I didn't stop you, then all of this…the capital…my home! Destroyed!"

"Nice to see you care so much….about my creations…."
"But naturally…you are me…"

"You do realize I have to kill you."
"Not that I wish to Innkeeper."
"Your knowledge…so much…but you used it for the wrong things."
"And now this is your punishment."
"I'm sorry."

"It's okay…I know…"

The Innkeeper Reori was found later that day, soaked in rain, her face bashed in multiple times from a nearby flashlight. No one knows who ended her life, but the end of her terror had arrived.

-Found on the 23rd day of rain, 4203

01 Dec 2022 21:16

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