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File 8: Gary "The Baron" Martin, Baron of Bots

Age: Unknown, suspected 29
Height: 5' 11''
Gender: Male
Cybernetics: Yes.
Race: Human
Body type: Baseline Human, Cybernetically augmented
Magic use: Yes.
AI's: None
Extra details: Gary owns asteroid X01E93 "Estation" as he has legally named it which is not only a mobile space station for those seeking asylum from threats but also heavily enhanced to the point that one wouldn't know it was originally an asteroid unless they were told so. He is an engineer for the F.D. and he has a habit of "overdoing it" when designing prisoner containment chambers which has both cost the F.D. a lot of credits but also saved them a lot of credits in damages. He is also sometimes deployed as an auxiliary unit when his skills are required as he has the most experience with combat out of all the F.D. engineers even in the combat engineering department due to his survival of the planetary extinction event caused by his own people.

Magic use:
Gary is a known manipulator of fire and ice magic which he uses to manipulate his surrounding temperature to be to his liking. He also utilizes this for combat, creating armor sets made entirely of frost and/or flame, bursts of cold equivalent to liquid nitrogen, bursts of flame equivalent to incendiary bombs, Overclocking his bionics by using extreme cold to offset the huge amount of heat that this provides, and coating his feet in a magical frost allowing him to slide across the ground with great speed. He also is a known manipulator of Life Magic and Techno-Magic combining the two to allow him to perfectly meld flesh and machine creating Bio-Tek robots he uses to assist him in both regular work and combat. His Bio-Tek magic also makes him passively enhance his reaction and processing speed by a moderate amount.

—Part of the 7 Realms Canon

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Gary walks into a presumably empty commons room. Only to find that there are people in that.
Gary: "Is this a Cult?"
Random Gal 1: "No."
Gary: "Are you disturbing anyone around you?"
Random Gal 1:"No."
Gary:"Is this in anyway harmful to you or others?"
Random Guy 2:"Not really, no."
Gary:"Are you staying hydrated?"
Random Gal 3:"No."
Gary:"Alright, stay hydrated."

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