Object 003

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"Telepathic Earpods"

Item #: Obj. 001-A Level 2/
Object Class: Selvium, safe for contact Classified


The Earpods. (Original image)


Object 001-A is a pair of anomalous wireless earpods(white) of an unknown brand. The outer shells of the earbuds seem to be made up of ceramic and the custom-fitting ear canal plugs from silicone rubber. The earpods consists a built-in microphone that filters out background noise and optical sensors capable of detecting presses and pinches on the stem and in-ear placement. Each earpod weighs 4.0g along with a charging case weighing 35g.

The object doesn't seem to be compatible with any regular electronic devices, instead it is capable of communicating the user's thoughts directly from the user's cerebral cortex in the form of brainwaves to another entity's brain, standing within a direct line of sight, without using any traditional methods of communication. Only the user of the object is able to voluntarily control telepathic communication while the target entities have no control over the incoming brainwaves. The target entities show no unusual psychological effects during telepathic conversations.

When using the object, the user will be able to hear other people's thoughts and feelings and will be able to transmit his own thoughts in the form of brainwaves directly to the target entity's brain. The target entity must be within the user's direct line of sight to be able to properly communicate. No other instances of the object has been found yet, and no record of the manufacturer exists.

Object 001-A was initially discovered at a local electronics store by a T.R. agent and was brought to the foundation for further research.


Exploration Log Transcript

Date: 35th day of sun, year: 2076

Exploration Team:(PTRD) Paranormal technology research department.

Subject:Testing of object 001-A

Research Lead: Dr. Richard Avenlee


Dr. Avenlee: Good afternoon Agent.

Agent: Good afternoon sir.

Dr. Avenlee: You reported these earpods, is it true that these things are capable of telepathic communication?

Agent: yes sir.

Dr. Avenlee: How did you reach this conclusion?

Agent: I came here to buy a pair of earpods, and this thing caught my eye, but it had no brand name nor marked price, even the shopkeeper had no idea when he bought it.

Dr. Avenlee: How do you know that he didn't have any idea? Did he tell you?

Agent: No sir, I read his mind.

Dr. Avenlee: I see….. But how?

Agent: Using the earpods.

Dr. Avenlee: Tell me what did you do exactly?

Agent: I was testing them, I tried to pair them up with my phone but it failed, I repeatedly tapped the pods but nothing happened, so I asked the shopkeeper if they're broken? And that's when I heard a voice inside my head.

Dr. Avenlee: I see… Well then, let's try it again to confirm if it's truly anomalous.

Agent: Ok sir.

The agent puts on the earpods, lowers his head and starts tapping the optical sensors on the stem.

Agent: Nothing's happening……I can't hear anything….

The agent raised his head to look at Dr. Avenlee.

Dr. Avenlee: Hmmm…. So it's fake afterall ehh?

Agent: Wait! I hear something… Uhh…but it's not clear…. Maybe it requires a direct line of sight with the subject, I was able to read the shopkeeper's mind when he was standing right infront of me.

Dr. Avenlee: Well then, let's try again.

// Dr. Avenlee stands infront of the agent.//

Agent: It's audible now! …..You are thinking of uhh….. A-hotdog-dipped-in-chocolate-syrup??

Dr. Avenlee: That's correct! I thought about the most unusual thing on purpose.

Agent: That concludes it! It's really anomalous!

Dr. Avenlee: We'll have to inform the higher command about this, How many of these are there?


As of yet, it is still undefined how the earpods actually function. No logical explanation has yet been given.

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